Portslade! We are nearly there!

We are opening our doors soon – very soon – but before we do, we just wanted to let you know a little of what we’re about.

First off, we are proud to call ourselves a Micropub. We’ve fallen in love with these places over the years. Each one is unique, with their own way of doing things. In ours, you will find…

– 5 cask ales brewed by the most brilliant independent breweries from Sussex and beyond. – 3 keg beers showcasing the best of Sussex, the UK, Europe and some downright ridiculous stuff from America. – A unique selection of cans and bottles, to drink in or take away. – Real ciders, made in Sussex. – Red and white wines carefully selected by us after extensive and exhaustive research. (Someone’s gotta do it, right?) – Soft drinks that provide a proper fair deal for the growers of the raw materials and their communities. – Cold snacks to please both carnivores and veggies, made locally.

What you won’t find are TV’s, gaming machines, music, spirits, alcopops, hot food or mass-produced lager.

We wish to create a warm, welcoming environment for people to meet, enjoy a conversation and sample some of the very best drinks we can get our hands on. On that note, a quick word on the beer side of things…

Curating the line-up for our opening weeks has been enjoyable and excruciating in equal measure. Sussex has some of the finest breweries in the country, if not the world. Combine these with the best of Europe and cold-chain imported fare from the US and we’re walking in one great, big, beery wonderland. It’s a shame we’ve got to share it to be honest.

This project has been nearly two years in the making and we are now about to let down the drawbridge. Safe to say we cannot wait to welcome you all in.


-Tommy, Niall & Tim.